Best of HPE Miami 2021 – Day 3

Thank you for joining us as we had an astounding four days of exclusive, virtual sessions where private equity investors and industry experts delved into the insights and strategies shaping the future of healthcare investing.
For your convenience, please find the video recap and takeaways for day 3 below.
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Our forward-thinking panelists examine the proliferation of risk-based/value-based businesses, selling healthcare portfolio companies to SPACs, the growing variety of alliances between private equity and health systems and strategies for incorporating telemedicine into your organization.
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Risk-based and value-based contracting is prevalent in primary care and other specialties, including orthopedics, GI, nephrology/renal care, cardiology and oncology. Understand the mechanics of risk-based and value-based contracting models, the use of technology and data to optimize performance in these models and how to shift a platform from standard contracting to risk-based contracting.
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Recent private equity activity has involved collaborations and partnerships with health systems in unexpected ways. As this trend continues, private equity is increasingly investing in entire health systems, exiting investments by selling to health systems, purchasing a division of a health system as either a platform or portfolio company add-on and engaging in other innovative joint ventures. Listen as our panelists discuss the how and why of the evolution of these partnerships and what the future holds for these creative deal structures.
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While the pandemic has illustrated the incredible capabilities of telehealth to significantly reduce cost, increase revenue and increase patient and provider satisfaction, it can also be a complete failure if deployed without addressing the important considerations that this panel discusses. Learn what it takes to successfully invest in this sector, possible challenges or pitfalls, as well as how to effectively integrate and deploy telehealth and remote monitoring solutions.
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SPACs continue to proliferate in the capital markets. SPAC promoters are increasingly looking to healthcare services as the next great investment opportunity. Sponsors need to know the mechanics of a SPAC sale, how to prepare due diligence and strategies for preparing a company for life as a public company. 
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