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McDermott and CSAIL: Keeping You Ahead of the Curve

MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) is the largest research laboratory at MIT and one of the world’s most important centers of information technology research. The lab pioneers computing approaches that tackle some of today’s most challenging real-world problems—including emerging technologies that have the potential to transform the health and life sciences industry.

As the first law firm to become a CSAIL member, McDermott engages with CSAIL on topics of vital interest to health care and life sciences stakeholders, including AI technologies, brain and cognitive studies, biological engineering, medical robotics and big data. Our CSAIL membership keeps us at the cutting edge of life sciences developments, enabling us to give our clients the insights they need not only to react and adapt to this ever-evolving space, but to step out ahead of the curve and thrive.

Our industry-leading lawyers regularly attend CSAIL programs and events, where they engage with CSAIL faculty researchers and explore key research focus areas. We participate in an annual lab visit, allowing us to further develop faculty relationships and explore emerging technologies of interest to our clients. CSAIL faculty researchers also offer their invaluable insights as speakers at McDermott’s Life Sciences Dealmaking Symposium and other Firm events.

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