McDermott Receives Acclaim in Benchmark Litigation for the Sixth Year in a Row


McDermott is pleased to announce its rankings in Benchmark Litigation 2015. This year McDermott performed strongly achieving 49 individual lawyer national and state level rankings. Notably, seven McDermott lawyers are ranked as a national ‘litigation star’ and the Firm received 36 local ‘litigation star’ rankings. ‘Litigation star’ is an honor given to those individuals consistently recommended as reputable and effective litigators by clients and peers. The Firm also receives six individual lawyer ‘future star’ recognitions.

McDermott has maintained four national Firm rankings and has been elevated to the ranks of ‘highly recommended’ and ‘recommended’ in four states. The “highly recommended” ranking is given to the firms that were held as dominant in their particular jurisdiction and received the most client and peer mentions.

Highlights of McDermott’s accomplishments include:

Firm National Rankings:
Antitrust – maintained Tier 3
Appellate – maintained Tier 3
Insurance – maintained Tier 3
Securities – maintained Tier 3

Firm State Rankings:
Illinois – Highly Recommended
California – Highly Recommended
Massachusetts – Highly Recommended
Washington D.C. – Recommended

Individual National ‘Litigation Star’ Rankings:

Antitrust: Joel Chefitz (TRL-CHI) (NEW)
Appellate: Miller Baker (TRL-DC)
Commercial Litigation: Bobby Burchfield (TRL-DC), Jeffrey Stone (WCSD-CHI)
Intellectual Property: Yar Chaikovsky (IPLIT-SV) (NEW)
Insurance: Margaret Warner (TRL-DC)
Securities: Steven Scholes (WCSD-CHI)

Individual Local ‘Litigation Star’ Rankings:

  • Antitrust:
    Joel Chefitz (TRL-CHI), Ray Jacobsen (ANT-DC), David Marx (ANT-CHI), Joseph Winterscheid (ANT-DC)
  • Appellate:
    Miller Baker (TRL-DC), Bobby Burchfield (TRL-DC), Jeffrey Stone (WCSD-CHI), Paul Thompson (WCSD-DC)
  • Commercial Litigation:
    Lazar Raynal (TRL-CHI) (NEW), Anthony Bongiorno (TRL-BST), Bobby Burchfield (TRL-DC), Michael Kendall (WCSD-BST), Mark Pearlstein (WCSD-BST), Peter Resnik (TRL-BST)
  • Insurance:
    Margaret Warner (TRL-DC)
  • Intellectual Property:
    Yar Chaikovsky (IPLIT-SV) (NEW), Sarah Columbia (IPLIT-BST), David Dolkas (IPLIT-SV), Joel Freed (IPLIT-DC), Raphael Lupo (IPLIT-DC)
  • Labor & Employment:
    Linda Doyle (TRL-CHI)
  • Products Liability:
    Anthony Bongiorno (TRL-BST), Michael Pope (TRL-CHI) and Peter Resnik (TRL-BST)
  • Securities:
    Joel Chefitz (TRL-CHI), Steven Scholes (WCSD-CHI), and Jeffrey Stone (WCSD-CHI)
  • White Collar Crime:
    Fredric Firestone (WCSD-DC) (NEW), Gordon Greenberg (WCSD-LA), Michael Kendall (WCSD-BST), David Marx (ANT-CHI), Mark Pearlstein (WCSD-BST), David Rosenbloom (WCSD-CHI), Steven Scholes (WCSD-CHI), Jeffrey Stone (WCSD-CHI) and Paul Thompson (WCSD-DC).

Individual ‘Future Star’ Recognitions:

  • Marisa Chun (TRL-SV) (NEW), Christopher Murphy (TRL-CHI) (NEW), Jon Dean (WCSD-LA), Jocelyn Francoeur (WCSD-CHI), Obiamaka Madubuko (WCSD-NY) and Charles Weir (TRL-LA). These litigators are highlighted as likely to be become “local litigation stars” in coming editions of the guide.

To learn more please click here, or follow this link to Benchmark Litigation online: