Our dedicated corporate reorganization team combines the tax structuring sophistication of our US and International Tax group and the transactional proficiency of our Corporate group. This cohesive team leads vast reorganization projects supported by a web of counsel across employment, benefits, IP and other relevant disciplines. Together, we bring streamlined coordination and organization to complex projects that often involve multifaceted issues spanning dozens of countries. We apply our legal and business knowledge across jurisdictions to evaluate all possible opportunities, challenges and risks inherent in reorganizations and help companies design and implement cutting-edge solutions that support corporate objectives, optimize opportunities and minimize liabilities.

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Corporate Reorganization, Restructuring & Integration Projects

  • Serving as global coordinating counsel for an NYSE consumer products company on the global integration (involving more than 25 countries) of assets and entities following a multi-billion dollar acquisition, including advising on corporate, real estate, intellectual property and tax matters
  • Advising an NYSE consumer products company, coordinating year-end planning in connection with US tax reform legislation, establishment of global IP holding structure, and push-down of third-party debt to foreign subsidiaries
  • Advising an NYSE life sciences company, coordinating a strategic response to US tax reform, including evaluation of optimal location for IP, strategies for mitigation of the BEAT tax, assessing post-reform FTC utilization, and reevaluating intercompany base erosion strategies in light of the GILTI tax

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Thomas P. Conaghan

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Prof. Dr. Clemens Just

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