Class Action Litigation


The prosecution of class action litigation continues to escalate, creating unique, high-stakes risks and exposure for your business. An adverse judgment in one of these lawsuits—which can involve the claims of dozens, hundreds or even thousands of employees—can significantly damage your bottom line, as well as your reputation in the marketplace and among your desired talent pool.

To defend your interests and protect your future, our experienced trial lawyers draw on their courtroom prowess, acting as your unswerving advocates and providing strategic and tactical counsel in managing large, complex class action litigation across multiple jurisdictions. Our team has successfully defended clients in lawsuits asserting violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act, Title VII and Section 1981, the Equal Pay Act, the Fair Credit Reporting Act, Americans with Disabilities Act, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act and Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act—and their state law equivalents. We also have significant experience defending against pattern and practice lawsuits brought by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and state and federal department of labor and attorney general enforcement actions.

You benefit from our extensive experience in handling complex litigation in state and federal courts, appellate courts and the US Supreme Court. Not only do we know how to work these cases, we know our adversaries’ strategies and tendencies. In collaboration with our top-tier appellate practice, our trial teams evaluate key pleadings to ensure your arguments can stand the test of an appeal, along with the critical arguments presented by opposing parties over the life of a matter. During both early-stage mediations and litigation, we know how and where to apply pressure to obtain the best result for you.

However, we are not merely litigators; we are also your strategic counselors, constantly looking for ways to bring your organization into compliance and mitigate future exposure. This includes tightening up your policies and practices, and/or helping your organization implement an arbitration program that precludes individuals from bringing class or collective claims. To protect your reputation, we also take a proactive approach to crisis management during class action lawsuits, directly addressing plaintiffs’ lawyers who use creative arguments and the media in attempts to extract unreasonable damages. We work closely with you to create and execute plans outlining our counsel on statements to the public, strategies for minimizing press coverage of litigation and beyond.


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Class Action Litigation

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