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McDermott attorneys are experienced in advising corporate counsel and companies’ IT security teams on the complexity of security requirements and evolving best practices. We help clients manage privacy and cybersecurity risks in nearly all aspects of their operations. We have hands-on experience advising on the most challenges issues, including:

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  • Developed data security addenda for a Massachusetts-based health care system to use with its HIPAA-covered and non-HIPAA covered vendors, and developed a company-wide vendor management policy that fits with the company’s HIPAA security risk analysis
  • Advised a Japanese company on its obligations under US law to protect data it would receive as a result of its acquisition of a US-based company
  • Vetted consumer privacy and information security risks in multimillion-dollar transactions involving a private equity company’s acquisition of two national data brokers


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Mark E. Schreiber

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Informationssicherheit & Risikominderung

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