Human-guided artificial intelligence reduces costs, risks and unpredictable outcomes, pinpointing incisive information needed to win cases

We understand the frustration and uncertainty that often comes with discovery. That’s why we’ve developed a better way to do it.
McDermott has saved clients millions of dollars in discovery fees by combining the most advanced technology with one of the most experienced eDiscovery teams in the world. Unlike conventional eDiscovery solutions, our platform uses cognitive computing and active machine learning to mine huge volumes of data and quickly uncover the most critical information needed to litigate cases successfully.

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Advanced technology, keen legal minds and deep discovery experience in action

We offer full eDiscovery service that has been proven across numerous national and international client engagements. We have deep experience with challenges stemming from a range of legal disputes—from traditional litigation to arbitrations, investigations, and governmental and regulatory proceedings. Some of our client successes include:

Achieving compliance with DOJ Second Request

  • McDermott represented a large construction materials company in a recent Department of Justice “Second Request” as part of an antitrust investigation. We successfully used AI predictive coding to fully comply with the request while completing the project in 37 days, from collection of over 1.3 million documents through production. The metrics for the project demonstrated the efficiency of our advanced technology and workflow processes.

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