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2022 Enforcement Outlook Webinar Series | Antitrust in the EU and US: Enforcement Trends and Risk Mitigation Strategies


To help you stay up to date on the enforcement trends that might impact your compliance strategy, McDermott is pleased to invite you to the 2022 Enforcement Outlook webinar series. Attendees will receive practical guidance from our white-collar lawyers and occasional special guests, who share their inside knowledge from time working in government positions.

The DOJ recently announced new guidelines on corporate compliance, as well as information concerning their enforcement policies involving mergers and monopolization. The agency has staked out boundary-shifting enforcement positions, however, remains unwavering and undeterred even when its positions are rejected by juries or courts. This aggressive posture by antitrust enforcers has also been found in Europe. In this session, our panel examines the current enforcement approaches in the United States and Europe, what this means for your business and what you should consider doing now to adjust to the new policies.

Topics include:

  • New corporate criminal enforcement and compliance policy initiatives, announced September 15, 2022
  • DOJ and EU investigative and enforcement trends and priorities, including:
    • Labor markets
    • Consumer products
    • Section 2 monopolization
    • Merger enforcement

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