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2022 Enforcement Outlook Webinar Series | Data Privacy Considerations in International Investigations


To help you stay up to date on the enforcement trends that might impact your compliance strategy, McDermott is pleased to invite you to the 2022 Enforcement Outlook webinar series. Attendees will receive practical guidance from our white-collar lawyers and occasional special guests, who share their inside knowledge from time working in government positions.

When a company is involved in sensitive internal investigations or dealing with government inquiries, it is easy to forget about the web of international data privacy laws that may limit access to information—even information the company considers to be its own.

Improperly transferring information relating to employees or third parties (or using the information in a way that is inconsistent with these laws) can leave companies facing significant regulatory scrutiny, financial sanctions and even criminal liability.

In this edition of our Enforcement Outlook webinar series, McDermott Partners David Saunders (Chicago) and Simon Airey (London) will examine the key issues that companies should consider when processing data, transferring data across borders, and responding to document and data requests from law enforcement authorities.

Topics include:

  • Legal considerations when handling data during cross-border internal investigations, including:
    • Identifying potential legal obstacles
    • Common jurisdictional issues (g., GDPR, United Kingdom, Switzerland, France, Germany, Israel, China)
    • The impact of legal privilege
    • Consequences of getting it wrong
  • Tips and tricks for conducting cross-border investigations, including:
    • Ensuring appropriate corporate arrangements are in place
    • Making appropriate disclosures to employees before and during investigations
    • Engagement with internal, external and local counsel
    • Safeguarding personal data in the course of an internal investigation
    • Negotiations with the authorities


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