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Addressing DOJ’s New Compliance Focus on Executive Compensation


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The new compliance focus on executive compensation, as announced by the US Department of Justice (DOJ) on March 3, 2023, has significant implications for how healthcare organizations address both corporate compliance and compensation programs for their executives. It also raises new issues for the board of directors’ oversight of compliance and compensation functions.

Thought leaders in compensation, compliance, corporate law and governance from McDermott and SullivanCotter will discuss these and related issues in an engaging roundtable webinar, dropping on April 20. The conversation will focus on important practical issues such as the following:

  • What is DOJ’s “end game” with the new compliance guidelines?
  • Is the executive compensation focus binding for healthcare organizations?
  • What kinds of financial incentives is DOJ examining?
  • What is the special concentration on executive “clawbacks?”
  • What should healthcare organizations know about the US Securities and Exchange Commission’s parallel focus on clawback?
  • How can organizations effectively balance board oversight by the compliance and executive compensation committees?
  • What actions should the Executive Compensation Committee consider in light of DOJs guidance?

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