Blurred Lines in the Age of Alcohol Innovation NCSLA 2022 Annual Conference: What’s In a Label, and What Does Your Label Say About You?


SESSION #3: What’s In a Label, and What Does Your Label Say About You?
A bird’s eye view of TTB and FDA labeling procedures and requirements.

Adena Santiago, Counsel with McDermott Will & Emery, begins this two-part series on Monday afternoon, June 20th, providing an overview of the basics of COLAs, SKUs, labeling, and brand registration from federal to state requirements. She will discuss the rationale behind the requirements and the effects on industry, and share information about enforcement of brand registrations.

As innovation continues in all types of consumer products, industry members and regulators struggle with how to classify new products and what labeling and registration requirements apply. Adena will review the mandatory labeling requirements under the FAA Act and the FDA labeling regulations, and highlight the similarities and differences of the label mechanics as well as permissible labeling claims. In addition, she will provide a high-level synopsis of the application of these requirements to different categories of products and what this translates to on the state brand registration side.

Finally, there will be a brief discussion about trends on label “call outs” such as: organic, all natural, gluten free, etc. This session provides important background for the next discussion on alcohol beverage labeling lawsuits.

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1:00 pm – 1:30 pm (CDT)


Sheraton Overland Park Hotel at the Convention Center
6100 College Boulevard
Overland Park, KS 66211

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