Connecting the Dots ‒ A Cross-Border M&A Case Study, Linking Life Sciences Hubs in Europe, Asia and North America


3:30 ‒ 5:00 pm EDT — M&A Case Study Session
5:00 ‒ 8:00 pm EDT — Reception follows

John Joseph Moakley United States Courthouse
1 Courthouse Way
Boston, MA 02210

Participate in a case study discussion of cross-border M&A, linking life sciences hubs in Europe, Asia and North America. A panel of industry leaders will connect the dots that lead to the structuring and closing of the case study’s M&A transaction, involving the auction of a US biotech company with platform technology. The panel will be flanked by a cross-border “Greek Chorus” of McDermott lawyers, each with unique sets of extensive experience (M&A, IP, tax, licensing, venture capital, FDA, government approvals, etc.), from the United States, the European Union and Asia. The panel and Greek Chorus will discuss context, cross-border dynamics, practicalities, opportunities and challenges, underlying the growing volume of life sciences transactions between Europe, Asia and North America. The fact pattern in the case study is hypothetical, but will be based on actual deals.

This case study is the fourth part of McDermott’s four-event series, held in Boston (October 2017), Shanghai (November 2017), San Francisco (January 2018), and Boston (June 2018 at the Bio International Convention).

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