Managing M&A Opportunities and Risk for Japanese Investors During COVID-19 and Beyond


The COVID-19 pandemic is bringing unprecedented disruption to the global M&A market. Even in today’s uncertain environment, however, certain deals are still moving forward. To usher existing agreements to successful completion and seize opportunities in today’s – and tomorrow’s – market, sellers and buyers alike need to carefully calibrate their deal terms in a fast-changing landscape.


Rewatch our webinar, where our partners take a closer look at recent developments and expected trends in global private M&A that Japanese companies should be aware of, including techniques for bridging valuation gaps and protecting value, strategies for risk management and deal certainty, and navigating regulatory issues surrounding M&A deals.


We discuss the issues Japanese businesses are facing as well as other topics, including:

  • Emerging trends in M&A deal terms and practice in the US and Europe
  • The impact of CFIUS in the US, and Foreign Investment Screening in Europe
  • Merger Control and Antitrust Developments in the US and the EU


  • 米国及び欧州におけるM&A取引条件と実務の最新動向
  • 米国におけるCFIUSの影響と欧州の外国投資審査
  • 米国とEUにおける合併規制と独占禁止法の動向

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