Navigating the Interplay between the ITC, PTAB and District Courts


For US patent owners, understanding the latest developments within patent venues is imperative to protecting your innovative technologies and business. Evolving changes in intellectual property law in the ITC, PTAB and US district courts have major impacts on litigation and business operations. Within these venues, key changes often run parallel to each other; understanding and maximizing the interplay between them is critical to your IP strategy. This webinar will explore the complexities of these related issues and provide innovative and practical insights to help you navigate them.

Discussion topics include:

  • Strategic considerations in light of the PTAB’s growing trend towards discretionary denials
  • Domestic industry considerations in ITC
  • Optimal timelines for PTAB filings and ITC Section 337 cases, balancing related district court litigation
  • Concessions across venues


1:00 pm – 2:00 pm EDT

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