The Future of the Energy Transition: The Growth of Early Stage Technology Company Investment and Development in Energy and Oil and Gas


Emerging technologies are infiltrating the traditional oil and gas and new energy industries at a rapid pace. Private equity investors, management teams and operating businesses are embracing new technology opportunities and implementing them on a grand scale.

On December 15, McDermott partners Parker Lee and Shawn Helms will host a to-be-announced industry expert for a discussion on:

• The types of technologies infiltrating the energy industry (e.g., Internet of Things (IoT) products and biomechanical developments) and what those technologies are displacing
• The energy industry sectors most affected by new technologies
• What has worked in implementing new technologies and what roadblocks remain
• How private equity has pivoted toward tech/venture investing
• What is next in EnergyTech

Registration Information

December 15, 2021
12:00 – 12:30 pm EDT

Zoom Webinar

(This webinar is complimentary, but space is limited)

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