2020 Industry Outlook & 2019 Takeaways: Collaborative Transformation in Healthcare & Life Sciences



As we move quickly into 2020, we’d like to share with you the key Collaborative Transformation takeaways of 2019 and industry outlook for the year. One of our most popular videos topics last year, this year’s version includes even greater insight on healthcare M&A, partnerships and strategic alliances.

The healthcare industry is experiencing rapid transformation, driven by technological advancement, policy changes and an infusion of capital from external investors. In 2019, we saw notable collaboration between unexpected partners shifting the marketplace. 2020 will bring even bigger, bolder Collaborative Transformation.

We’ve identified several key topics and issues that will define the new year:

  • Digital health is experiencing rapid growth and with it comes new challenges and opportunities, such as data collection and use, new technology, reimbursements and deals.
  • Driving forces in Washington are transforming market dynamics and how healthcare is delivered, paid and regulated.
  • The healthcare industry as a whole is hungry for innovation and moving away from traditional investors.
  • And while an influx of new players will lead to unexpected partnerships and unusual affiliations, consumer demand will create new markets and services.

Watch the full video for all our key takeaways from 2019 and learn how they can contribute to strategies for greater success in the 2020 market.