Checklist for Companies in Germany in Dealing w/ the Crisis

COVID-19 – Checklist to Assist Companies in Germany in Dealing with the Crisis


Following the wider global outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19), radical – and sometimes controversial – actions have been and are further expected to be taken by national, federal and local governments and authorities in affected countries.

Given the scope of these actions, along with widespread impacts of the crisis on the economy in general and in particular employment, supply chains, pending M&A activity and capital markets, boards are urged to take action now to ensure the health of contingency plans, mitigate risks, tackle immediate priorities and ensure business continuity and stability.

This high-level checklist can assist corporates and portfolio companies of private equity funds navigate current uncertainties related to COVID-19. The checklist was originally published on March 13 (available here), and has been updated for Germany as of March 31 2020. Read the updated checklist in German here.