Driving the Deal Podcast: Healthcare Private Equity Opportunities Under the New Administration

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Despite the pandemic’s impact, the volume of healthcare private equity transactions accelerated in the latter half of 2020. Now in a new year with a new administration, investors should expect both new opportunities and challenges to emerge in the healthcare sector.

To help navigate the evolving landscape, we’re dedicating a series of podcast episodes to healthcare private equity. Hosted by McDermott Partner Krist Werling, look for new episodes as part of the Collaborative Transformation: Driving the Deal feed.

In this first installment, Krist talks with Brian Fortune, Senior Director at Farragut Square Group, about the top priorities private equity investors should focus on under the Biden administration, including:

  • How key government committees could shape healthcare legislation and the resulting impact on private equity investment
  • Sectors that would most benefit from increased Medicaid support
  • Changes to the proposed 2021 Medicare physician fee schedule
  • Sectors offering private equity investors the biggest upside under the Biden administration
  • Political power and potential pressure that accompanies Medicare Advantage