Driving the Deal Podcast: Key Payor Changes Affecting Private Equity

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Healthcare payors face many potential changes in the coming year, all of which will impact private equity firms’ outlook on the sector. From federal initiatives to growth in value-based care, 2021 promises to bring significant challenges and opportunities.

In the second episode of the Collaborative Transformation: Driving the Deal series, McDermott Partner Krist Werling is joined by Frank Martin, Vice President of the Managed Care division at Farragut Square Group. They discuss why payor changes impact private equity, covering:

  • What investors can expect from the Biden administration for future expansion of Affordable Care Act plans
  • How payors will likely approach value-based care in 2021
  • The potential for telehealth to create major disruptions with payors in the provider market
  • Potential changes to the production of critical medical equipment and Medicare drug prices