Excellence in Governance and Director Certification: A Conversation with NACD Leadership

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As corporate directorship increases in complexity, the ability of directors to fully engage with the board agenda and to be an effective partner to management are two of the most critical corporate governance issues. In this environment, the ability of directors to be “certified” as to their competency to serve is attracting greater interest.

To review what board members need to know about director certification and how the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) works to support the profession of directorship, Michael Peregrine is joined by Kimberly Simpson, COO, General Counsel, and Corporate Secretary for the NACD. She also leads NACD’s Director Certification Program and joins us to discuss the process and importance of engagement certification, including:

  • The driving focus behind and key elements of the NACD director qualification
  • How NACD works to support new directors and expand the pool of qualified director candidates
  • An overview of the certification process from start to finish
  • The future of director certification in light of governance oversight expectations