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International News: Life Sciences



Data Inspections in China: Increased Supervision and Compliance

Data protection inspections have become more frequent for companies with operations in China. Many companies are struggling for guidance on how to comply.

Joint Controllers: Constraint or Opportunity?

Romain Perray

On the surface, the similarities between Facebook and Jehovah’s Witnesses are not obvious. The European Court of Justice (ECJ) has, however found one: they are both “joint controllers” of processing activities on personal data.

Pathways to Approval: Recent Developments in EU Pharma and Medical Device Regulation

Jana Grieb, LL.M.

The contrast between the United States and European Union is no more apparent than when we consider the approach to centralized oversight of pharma and medical device regulation.

How “Dieselgate” Expanded Into An Antitrust Investigation, and What This Means For You

Lisa M. Richman | Paul M. Thompson | Carina Kant

The European Commission’s Dieselgate investigation shows that one problem can easily become another. To prepare for shifts in focus, companies must know when to disclose wrongdoing or seek leniency.

Cost v Care in the UK NHS

Sharon Lamb

A recent judgement raises significant questions about the regulation of medicines and the role of national bodies, and fuels the debate on budget constraints being taken into account when offering treatment.

Risky Business: Due Diligence for Early-Stage Life Sciences Companies

The past decade has seen dramatic change within the life sciences industry, as technology develops in leaps and bounds.

Business as Unusual: Drug Companies Prepare for a Post-Brexit Health Care System

Gary Howes

The status of the United Kingdom post-Brexit and how the life sciences industry might be affected is still up for debate.