As one of the powerhouse countries in the European Union, Germany continues to solidify its position as a global economic leader. As part of McDermott’s robust international practice, the lawyers in our Düsseldorf, Frankfurt and Munich offices likewise provide top-quality, industry-leading legal counsel to privately held and publicly traded German clients doing business in Germany, as well as to non-German and German clients with operations and investments worldwide.

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Capital Markets

  • Baader, one of the leading investment banks for the DACH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) and market leader in trading financial instruments, with the public offering of €46.4 million and as underwriters’ counsel in the capital increase and public offering of shares and convertible bonds of Medigene AG, including as to US law
  • 4SC AG, an innovative biotech company with a strong focus on research and development, with the public offering of shares and a swap of shareholder loan to equity with a value of nearly €30 million
  • CompuGroup Medical, a provider of software to improve health and the quality of life, on a variety of legal needs connected with capital markets activities, including its €400 million syndicated loan, annual shareholders meeting, share buy backs and ad hoc publications, and regarding numerous acquisitions, including health4vision

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June 2017

Invalidity of a Subordination Agreement (Rangrücktritt) in General Terms ...

June 2017

Analysis of the ECJ Decision of 13.03.2017 – C-138/16 – AKM/Zü – About ...

May 2017

Program Distribution via the Internet to Hotels – About the Position of Right ...

April 30, 2017

Re-Introduction of the Prohibition of Online Sales of Rx-Drugs – Admissible Under Constitutional ...

February 2016

Decision of the German Federal Court of Justice, dated September 17, 2015 – I ZR 228/14 ...

January 2016

The Realisation of “Double Securities” in Insolvency Proceeding - Chance to Fix ...

January 2016

German Court Decisions on European and International Insolvency Law

December 11, 2015

"German as Mother Tongue" - Discriminatory Requirements in an Employment Ad

December 2015

Transition Service Agreements - Important for Economic Success of a Transaction

December 4, 2015

The Draft Bill Re. the Reform of Temporary Workers and the Contract ...

December 3, 2015

Recent Developments in Tax Law: Tax Amendment Act 2015

December 2015

Globalization of the Liability? The Liability of Managers does Not Stop at ...

November 2015

Income Tax Aspects of Subordination in Acquisitions and Renovations

October 2015

Telemedicine in Germany - What Legal Changes Are Needed and What Are ...

October 2015

Escape From The Collective Agreement

October 23, 2015

More Courage to Early Solution

October 9, 2015

Professional Football and Labor - Two Worlds Collide

September 2015

The Legal Framework for Renewable Energy Projects

September 9, 2015

And They Adhere Yet! - Air Traffic Controllers Strike - Damages v ...

August 31, 2015

German Income Tax Aspects Regarding Loan Security Provided for Acquisition and Group ...

August 2015

Public-to-Private: Now or Never

August 2015

Recent Developments in Tax Law: European Court of Justice re. Verder Lab ...

August 3, 2015

“Nivea-Blue" Decision of the German Federal Supreme Court - Who Owns the ...

June 26, 2015

The New Law on Collective Unit

June 2015

Legitimacy of Fixed-Term Contracts with Professional Soccer Players

June 2015

Contractors in Crisis

June 12, 2015

Professional Football Will Be Put On Trial

June 5, 2015

Registration of a Domination-and-Profit-and-Loss-Transfer Agreement with the Commercial Register of the Dominating ...

May 15, 2015

The "Base Erosion And Profit Shifting" Action Plan of the OECD

May 2015

Joint Venture Companies (4th Edition)

April 30, 2015

The New EU Antitrust Damages Directive: ‘Follow-On’ Damages Actions Strengthened

April 30, 2015

Comparable Drugs in Price Negotiations Under Sec. 130b SGB V

April 27, 2015

Termination Due to Competitive Activity During a Terminated Employment Relationship

April 25, 2015

Tax Aspects in Structuring Management Participation Programs, Especially in PE-Transactions, LBO’s ...

April 17, 2015

No Possibility of Recourse of the Company in Antitrust Penalties

March 20, 2015

De Minimis Threshold for the Infection Due to Trade Income Under Section 15 ...

March 17, 2015

German Bundestag Adopts Rules on "Women's Quota"

March 2, 2015

Garnishment Dilemma Among Shift Workers

February 26, 2015

Management Participations, from Employed Manager to Entrepreneur

February 20, 2015

Attribution of Real Estate for German Real Estate Transfer Tax Purposes in ...

February 20, 2015

Admissibility of Secret Video Surveillance and Prohibition of the Use of Promotional ...

February 18, 2015

Federal Labor Court: Ineffectiveness of Termination Without Notice for Sexual Harassment

February 2015

Silicon Valley in Germany? Recruitment and Solicitation

February 3, 2015

Dispute Over Right of Participation of the Works Council at Establishing a ...

February 2015

The Management at the Area of Conflict

February 2015

Cable Retransmission in Housing Complexes – A Review of the “Ramses” Decision by ...

January 30, 2015

European Court of Justice’s decision C-354/13 ("Obesity as "disability" within the ...

January 26, 2015

European Court of Justice: Can Obesity Constitute Disability According to EU law?


WpHG: Commentary on the German Securities Trading Act

December 19, 2014

Termination Rights of a Bond in Insolvency Related Matters

December 2014

Practice of International Tax Law 2014

December 12, 2014

Additional Holidays for Older Employees

December 8, 2014

ECJ Decision: Consideration of Group-Internal Sales When Calculating Antitrust Fines

December 5, 2014

Multiple CBA and Current Legislation

December 4, 2014

Recent Developments in Tax Law: Update On International Group Taxation

November 2014

New Developments On Combating Corruption and Compliance In Healthcare

November 18, 2014

BAG: Grade 3 Continues to Denote Average Job Performance in Reference Letters

October 29, 2014

German Perspective on New EU Clinical Trials Regulation

October 2014

Apple Store Construction is Registered as a Three-Dimensional Brand - a Pioneer ...

October 23, 2014

Differentiation of Leave Entitlement Regarding the Age

September/October 2014

Roundtable ‘Investment Law and Investment Arbitration’

October 2014

Cross-border Transformations of Companies as a New Option

October 6, 2014

ECJ Decision: Brand Protection for Original Store Design Possible

September 30, 2014

Headscarf Ban in Christian Hospital

September 2014

Decision According to German Law

September 10, 2014

Possibility to Preclude the Contestation of Direct Payments by the Principal to ...

September 9, 2014

Business-Damaging Statements About the Employer

September 2014

Nordea Bank Decision of the ECJ: A Further Development in the Jurisdiction ...

September 2014

Different Forms of Investment in Private Equity and Their Suitability for Foundations

August 2014

Family Office as an Investor

August 6, 2014

Tax Rules for Corporate Events

July 30, 2014

Apple Flag Ship Store Design Registered as Trademark

June 5, 2014

That’s Awesome! - Limits of Competition

May 27, 2014

Vacation Allowance for Union Members

May 2014

Recent Developments in Tax Law: Plea for the Report to the Fiscal ...

April 18, 2014

Higher Regional Court Hamm Preserves Insight Into Antitrust Leniency

March 2014

Germany Further Liberalises Pharma Advertising Online

February 26, 2014

Generic Drug and API Producers Deal with the Bolar Exemption

February 19, 2014

Yet another Health Reform and Seizure of Retiring Doctors' Practices

January 2014

Recent Developments in Tax Law: Real Estate Transfer Tax

January 2014

Patent Expirations: Generic Drugs and Active Ingredient Producers from the Perspective of ...

January 2014

Class Action-Like Lawsuits in Cartel Damages Cases Inadmissible if Plaintiff Lacks Funds ...

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