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International Arbitration


International arbitration is far from an academic exercise. As soon as a dispute arises, counsel from a law firm with demonstrated success and knowledge of the arbitration framework and process is critical. At McDermott, we work side-by-side with our clients to analyze the strength of their claims and defenses in conjunction with their economic imperatives. We provide our clients with unvarnished advice, tailor an arbitration strategy that is determined by reality rather than wishful thinking, avoid over-lawyering a case, and never lose focus on the possibility of early resolution through settlement.

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  • A US multinational industrial chemicals company in defense of its Singaporean subsidiary in an ICC arbitration filed by the Singaporean subsidiary of a German multinational industrial chemicals company. The arbitration arises out of a long-term “supply agreement.” Although the arbitration was between two Singaporean entities, and concerns a dispute over the supply of chemicals in Singapore, the arbitration was governed by New York law with its seat in New York.
  • A Turkish CEO-entrepreneur against an investor in a chain of pharmacy stores in an ICC arbitration arising out of a dispute over the investment agreement.
  • A South African media company against a German private equity company in arbitration under the rules of the German Arbitration Institute arising out of a dispute over a joint venture agreement.

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