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Product liability claims can disrupt operations and tarnish reputations—for even the most reputable companies. When facing product liability litigation, you need a quick response and a thoroughly mapped out strategy to mitigate risk.

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  • An oil industry company, as its lead strategic and trial counsel, and as national coordinating counsel for the National Joint Defense Group (consisting of all major petroleum refiners) in more than 150 product liability and environmental contamination cases arising from use of the gasoline additive Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether (MTBE).
  • A fortune 100 technology and manufacturing company, as its national coordinating counsel for its docket of Bendix asbestos personal injury and wrongful death cases. With thousands of active cases pending in many jurisdictions throughout the United States,  McDermott’s role is to oversee the defense of these cases, manage the resources the company has budgeted,  defend and resolve such cases and to ensure their short-term objectives and long-term goals with regard to this litigation (overall and in individual cases) are accomplished.

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