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This is a phenomenally interesting time to be a Private Equity investor. The dramatic shifts in focus caused by the global COVID-19 pandemic, the increasing challenge of climate change, and the growing emphasis on corporate governance, have converged to create a perfect storm of opportunity and demand for investment.

Nowhere is this more apparent than in the healthcare and life sciences sectors, which are seeing unprecedented expansion as a result of the existing, pre-pandemic move towards a new world of healthcare delivery, and the reinforcement of healthcare services as a major priority across the globe. Our HPE New York 2021 panel of experts provide insight on how the most successful funds are maximising the current opportunities.

Running a close second, the shift towards renewable energy has opened up avenues for investment that might not be immediately obvious: the upstream oil and gas industry. Demand for oil continues to surge, but the current importance of environmental, social, and governance considerations, has rendered hydrocarbons unattractive for public investment. PE and private wealth look poised to step into the void.

Of course, these opportunities also create challenges and potential pitfalls for over-enthusiastic but unprepared investors who may fear they are missing out on the next big thing. A clear-eyed understanding of risk, and a strong commitment to mitigating it, have never been more valuable.

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