The Biden Labor Platform – The First 100 Days and Beyond | Key Takeaways for Union and Non-Union Employers


Before the 2020 election, then US Presidential candidate Joe Biden vowed to be the “strongest labor president you have ever had.” And after a little more than 100 days, President Biden shows every sign of living up to his campaign promise.

During this two-part webinar series, we discussed the potential significant labor policy changes impacting employees and independent contractors under the Biden Administration. 

In part one, Ron Holland, Kristin Michaels, Abigail Kagan and Philip Shecter covered the Protecting the Right to Organize Act’s (PRO Act) sweeping effect on both the union and non-union employer landscape, as well as the evolving makeup and anticipated activism at the National Labor Relations Board.

In part two, Ron, Ellen Bronchetti, Christopher Foster and Elvira Kras talked about labor and employment law changes through executive orders, the American Jobs Plan and anticipated labor and employment changes under Marty Walsh at the Department of Labor (DOL).