Trends in Data Privacy Litigation | Q4 2021

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With the increased attention to and explosion of laws related to consumer privacy and cybersecurity, companies must defend their privacy practices in court and regulatory arenas now more than ever before.

McDermott’s Global Privacy & Cybersecurity Practice Group is closely monitoring developments across an array of privacy-related litigations and regulatory matters. We position ourselves at the vantage point to see around the corner for clients. Whether it be awaiting the potentially seismic rulings related to the Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA), analyzing how the government’s narrowed enforcement lens on Big Tech may impact businesses or reading the tea leaves around the next wave of privacy legislation, the McDermott team is positioned to proactively protect our clients—and defend them, when necessary.

We will be providing a quarterly update regarding key privacy litigation watch outs for businesses. To contact us about anything in these updates or for your litigation needs, please contact David Saunders.

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