Supporting Family Caregivers for Improved Patient Outcomes

Video: Supporting Family Caregivers for Improved Patient Outcomes | Leaders Moving Business Forward



Family caregivers play an essential role in elder care and patient outcomes. According to a study by AARP, one in five adults in the United States currently provide unpaid care to a family member. However, many family caregivers do not have a background in healthcare and can lack resources and support.

In this episode of Leaders Moving Business Forward, Naveen Kathuria, CEO of eFamilyCare, sits down with Digital Health practice co-chair Lisa Mazur to discuss:

  • The state of elder care and the role of unpaid family caregivers in today’s healthcare landscape
  • Racial and gender disparities impacting family caregivers, and how eFamilyCare works to address these issues
  • The role of health technology in meeting unmet needs and providing meaningful access to support patient outcomes