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Chinese Outbound Direct Investments (ODI)


For decades, economic investment with China always meant investment into China. But during recent years, the tables have turned and outbound direct investments (ODIs) from China have become a common phenomenon. New global markets and emerging business models are driving Chinese enterprises outbound as these companies seek to expand their footprint in the global marketplace. While this brings exciting new opportunities for Chinese companies, navigating between countries—and the nuanced regulations of those countries—brings added complexity.

These global challenges require global resources. Which is why McDermott’s cross-disciplinary China-focused ODI team combines the deep international experience and business savvy of lawyers from the North American and European continents to best advise our China-based clients in your outbound business expansion, investment, acquisition, license and collaboration across the globe.

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Expansion in the US

  • A Beijing-based social media company, in connections with the acquisitions of:
    • Aspiration, Inc., a California-based socially conscious online financial firm;
    • Sindeo, Inc., a San Francisco-based mortgage services technology firm;
    • Xue Qiu, a social network and information portal for investors in China;
    • Plum Lending Inc., an online commercial real estate lending platform;
    • Fundrise, an real estate crowdfunding platform;
    • Fiscal Note, a legislative and regulatory analytics provider;
    • CreditShop, a Texas based consumer lending company;
    • LendingHome, a San Francisco-based mortgage lender;
    • Motif Investing, a California-based investment trading platform; and
    • Wise Banyan, a New York headquartered provider of a free financial advisory platform.
  • Renren, Inc. (NYSE: RENN) in connection with multiple acquisitions and strategic transactions

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