2022 Enforcement Outlook Webinar Series: Focus on SEC Enforcement

2022 Enforcement Outlook Webinar Series | Focus on SEC Enforcement


To help you stay up to date on the enforcement trends that might impact your compliance strategy, McDermott is pleased to invite you to the 2022 Enforcement Outlook webinar series. Attendees will receive practical guidance from our white-collar lawyers and occasional special guests, who share their inside knowledge from time working in government positions.

The Biden administration has introduced substantial changes to the agenda of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Enforcement Division. As we approach the one-year mark for the new SEC enforcement director, certain enforcement trends for public companies have emerged.

In this session, our panel, including former SEC enforcement senior staff, will take a closer look at what has changed and how leaders of public companies can respond to these changes proactively to mitigate their enforcement risk.

Topics include:

  • SEC Investigative Process
  • Materiality Considerations
  • Gatekeeper Risks
  • Demands for Sanctions

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Guest Speakers:

Matt Jacques
Managing Director
Boston/Washington, DC

Brad Mroski
Managing Director
Dallas/Washington, DC

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