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Consumer Protection: Establishing and Protecting Your Competitive Position


As consumer-facing product and service companies go head-to-head in an increasingly competitive marketplace, the risks of doing business are higher than ever before. Whether marketing your products to generate the highest return, navigating an increasingly aggressive enforcement environment or confronting complex litigation, it’s critical to avoid the abundant consumer protection roadblocks when charting the path to your business’s success.

Join McDermott Will & Emery and Association of Corporate Counsel Chicago (ACC Chicago) for a half-day virtual program on Consumer Protection: Establishing and Protecting Your Competitive Position. Whether you are looking to identify key compliance issues in advertising, understand federal consumer protection enforcement trends, develop strategies for defending against enforcement actions or utilize litigation as an offensive tool, our panel will help you conquer the legal barriers to growing your business.

  • Advertising and Marketing: Navigating Key Compliance Issues and Enforcement Trends
    • This session will provide an understanding of key advertising and marketing issues. There will also be a discussion on recent enforcement activity and trends, allowing you to optimize the impact of your advertising and marketing efforts while mitigating legal risks.

    Speakers: Christina L. Martini, Eleanor B. Atkins, Lesli C. Esposito and Jeffrey Baravetto (McDonald’s Corporation)

  • Enforcement and Litigation: Understanding Them as Both a Sword and a Shield
    • This session will address strategies and best practices for responding to different government investigations, defending against consumer protection class actions and utilizing litigation claims against competitors.

    Speakers: Christina L. MartiniDaniel R. Campbell, Lesli C. Esposito, Robert W. Zelnick and Carrie Hall (Perdoceo Education Corporation)


Jeffrey Baravetto | Senior Counsel Marketing & Intellectual Property, McDonald’s Corporation

Carrie Hall | Associate General Counsel – Litigation and Compliance, Perdoceo Education Corporation

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