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Return to Work Webinar Series: A New Age for Employers – Managing Your Workforce During Periods of Uncertainty


Managing Your Workforce During Periods of Uncertainty

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, employers across all industries have experienced various levels of labor imbalance. For many, this led to a boom in hiring. Now, employers are bracing for economic uncertainty, leading to questions and concerns about how to manage their workforce with minimal disruption.

During this webinar, we will discuss how employers are dealing with these strenuous situations and share best practices for managing your workforce when your market outlook is colored with ambiguity. Our speakers will address your legal obligations when making restructuring decisions, including how to navigate evolving state and federal requirements.

Discussion topics include:

  • Different considerations when making critical operational decisions involving the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act (WARN Act), furloughs, layoffs or salary reductions
  • Best practices for communicating the transition with your workforce and your legal obligations for accommodations
  • Impact on employment agreements in the current economic climate and compliance with new federal and state laws
  • Strategies for coordinating and implementing return to work plans for unionized workforces

We will also conduct a Q&A session with the speakers at the end of the webinar. Please submit your questions in advance during registration.

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