Board Engagement on Emerging Patient Care and Safety, Finance and Workforce Issues


Ongoing COVID-19 and related patient care concerns are competing with unexpected financial and economic, and workforce, challenges for room on the boardroom agenda. Hospital and health system boards must find time to accommodate these and other emerging oversight issues within the context of an already-crowded governance docket.

Diligent director preparation and fulsome management support, along with disciplined leadership from the board chair and CEO, will well position the board to satisfy these expanded oversight duties. Michael Peregrine welcomes back Jamie Orlikoff, president of Orlikoff & Associates, Inc., and Sandy DiVarco, McDermott partner, leader of McDermott health advisory on patient care and safety and accreditation issues, author of the recent client memo series on vaccination mandates and workplace safety developments, for an update on where we stand two years into the COVID-19 pandemic, including:

  • Implications and expectations from hospital boards regarding current COVID-19 rates.
  • The regulatory authorities’ response to competing pandemic-related pressures.
  • Board guidance for addressing financial concerns in light of a stealth surge.
  • The governance challenges associated with growing supply chain issues.
  • Universal truths following the pandemic that are valuable to healthcare boards.
  • Defining purpose and the role of hospitals in leading healthcare issues.