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Key Agenda Items for Board Committees, Third Edition: Supporting Committee Effectiveness in a Changing Environment


Welcome to the third edition in our Governing Health series of e-books designed to address the particularities of committee practice for the health system governing board.

As we noted in the first (January 2021) edition of this series, a well-organized, thoughtfully composed and industry-attentive committee structure can provide substantial support to the governing board, especially when multiple items compete for attention on the board’s agenda. Delegating key tasks to standing and special committees can facilitate the efficiency and thoroughness with which the board fulfills its responsibilities.

In our previous editions of this series, we focused on (i) committees’ ability to satisfy their delegated responsibilities through a keen understanding of the key topics and trends they are likely to encounter in the coming year; and (ii) the types of information committees need to receive and the frequency with which they should receive it.

In this latest edition, we’re focusing on the unique and special issues committees should include in their 2022 agenda, especially those that are driven by the events of the last two years. An important note: The information that committees need does not come exclusively from their legal advisors. Committees operate best when they receive input from a wide variety of industry experts familiar with the key relevant issues. So we reached out to several of our friends in other advisory disciplines—names you’re sure to recognize—to help us with this third edition. We hope that you’ll find that this collaboration provides a fresh perspective on some traditional governance challenges.

Internally at McDermott, we’ve referred to this as our “Duets” project, in reference to the manner in which famous recording artists collaborate with their friends to bring new life and energy to old standards. We’ve deeply enjoyed sharing various thoughts and perspectives with these accomplished colleagues. We think the “Duets” approach enhances the scope of the ebook and the value it provides to those who lead and those who support committee practice.

External Contributors:

  • Timothy T. Cotter, Managing Director, SullivanCotter
  • Bruce Greenblatt, Managing Principal, SullivanCotter
  • Kathryn E. Hastings, Executive Workforce Practice Leader, SullivanCotter
  • David Jarrard, President and CEO, Jarrard, Inc.
  • Ken Kaufman, Co-Founder, Managing Director and Chair, Kaufman Hall
  • Cathy Loose, Employee Workforce Practice Leader, SullivanCotter
  • Andrew Majka, Managing Director, Kaufman Hall
  • David Nygren, PhD, Principal, Nygren Consulting
  • Scott D. Steffens, Partner, Grant Thornton