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Trademark and False Advertising Litigation


Your business depends on the strength of your brand, and trademarks play an important role in protecting that brand throughout an intellectual property (IP) lifecycle. Competitors can dangerously impact your bottom line when they encroach on your corner of the marketplace and use (or misuse) your trademarks, capitalizing on your hard-earned goodwill and reputation. False or misleading claims made by those same competitors when advertising to consumers could also cause irreparable damage to your brand.

To protect your company and your brand, it’s crucial to have a trusted advisor by your side to enforce your trademarks and defend your intangible assets.

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  • Represented Mars , Incorporated, a global chocolate brand, in the successful settlement of a trademark infringement suit
  • Served as lead trademark counsel for Sirius XM  Holdings Inc., an American broadcasting company, in its litigation against a former distributor
  • Secured a major victory for Way Interglobal Network LLC in a patent infringement and unfair competition litigation where the court   denied the adverse party’s motion for a preliminary injunction. Matter involved multiple design patents relating to a range oven and oven part designs for the recreational vehicle (RV) industry

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