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In-house legal operations are being asked to do more with less. Now more than ever, they need a partner in the legal field they can depend on to vigorously represent their interests while keeping the bottom line in mind. We understand the pressures they face and offer a variety of services designed to ensure they don’t have to choose between quality and value.

McDermott Strategic Solutions represents a commitment to uncover and deploy the most effective and efficient strategies to handle our clients’ legal work both on time and on budget. Born out of the McDermott Discovery team, which has more than a decade of demonstrated experience on the eDiscovery side, our Strategic Solutions team will focus on enhancing work flows, expediting tedious in-house operations, freeing up in-house lawyer time and reducing overall legal spend. By building on the same commitment to utilizing the right people, process and technology, we will significantly impact downstream costs throughout our practice groups.

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Strategic Solutions

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