Key Takeaways | E-commerce, Internet of Things and Platforms

Key Takeaways | Unpacking the European Digital Package: E-commerce, Internet of Things and Platforms


During this webinar, Romain Perray and Julie Favreau explored how the EU Digital Strategy aims to shape a digital ecosystem that encourages innovation, protects consumer rights and promotes a fair and competitive digital marketplace in the domains of e-commerce, the Internet of Things and platforms.

Top takeaways included:

  1. The new European digital package focuses on the key roles of intermediaries—namely platforms—in the digital economy. It emphasizes the need for strengthening internet regulation and fostering data circulation within the European Union by prohibiting the combination or secondary use of personal data for marketing or profiling purposes without an individual’s consent.
  2. Providers of intermediary services need to implement practical obligations to comply with the Digital Services Act by February 2024. These obligations focus on online advertising, especially pursuant to profiling techniques.
  3. Companies should set up a data library to determine if their data is i) personal, ii) non-personal or iii) industrial. As a result, they must determine what rules apply to what dataset under the Data Act and, where required, under other data-related laws such as the General Data Protection Regulation or the ePrivacy Directive.
  4. The Digital Markets Act is particularly focused on data-related provisions applicable to gatekeepers and notably on the combination and reuse of data (essentially personal data) by the gatekeepers while gathering such data from several internal or external sources.

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