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International News: Brexit & the US Administration


Cross Border M&A: The Impact of Brexit, the Trump Administration, and China’s Crackdown on Capital Flight

Nicholas Azis | Jacob A. Kuipers

The combination of Brexit, the Trump Administration, and China’s tightening grasp on capital, appear to have created a perfect storm that is hampering M&A activity. Is the future for M&A really as bleak as some commentators fear?

Dispute Resolution Options Post-Brexit

Amidst all the uncertainty surrounding Brexit, the continuing relevance, power, and reliability of international arbitration as a dispute resolution mechanism remains a very welcome example of stability.

Brexit and UK Health Care

Sharon Lamb

There is no dedicated and standalone focus on health in the Brexit negotiations. The final position will be affected by multiple negotiation streams, so businesses must prepare for a wide range of outcomes.

Brexit and the UK Insolvency Regime

The UK financial sector thrives on confidence, underpinned by a well-developed and respected legal system. Brexit has knocked global confidence in the UK market, but businesses can still rely on the predictability of the English law system.

Brexit and the Free Flow of Data

Paul McGrath

One of the less publicised but nonetheless important aspects of Brexit is whether or not UK companies will be able to maintain a free flow of personal data between the United Kingdom and the European Union.

Multilateralism in Limbo: How Bilateral Treaties Can Fill The Void for International Investors

Lisa M. Richman | Jacob A. Kuipers

International investors should be poised to adapt their analytic methodologies for evaluating how trade and investment treaties can enhance and protect their cross-border investments during the Trump Administration and post-Brexit.

Update on the NAFTA Renegotiations: What You Need to Know

Lisa M. Richman

The cancellation of US involvement in the TPP, and its potential withdrawal from NAFTA have sparked considerable anxiety over the loss of protections and opportunities both investment treaties afford. But there are alternatives.

What to Expect from Trump’s FTC and DOJ in Terms of Merger Policy

Joel R. Grosberg

After a long wait and months of speculation, President Trump has finally appointed new antitrust leadership at the Department of Justice’s Antitrust Division and the Federal Trade Commission.