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International News: Focus on Health Care


Nationalism and Cross-Border M&A: Navigating Populist Politics in Deal Making

Jacob A. Kuipers

More than half of the G20 countries voted-in campaigns that focused on harming foreign, outside interests as a means to strengthen domestic ones. Nationalism is in. Globalisation is out.

New European Personal Data Breach Obligations on the Horizon

Michael G. Morgan | Paul McGrath

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will introduce mandatory personal data breach notification obligations across all sectors, in all EU countries, for the first time.

Rewarding Long-Term Shareholders: European and US Loyalty Share Programmes

Thomas P. Conaghan | Lindsey Reighard

Loyalty share programmes, or programmes that encourage shareholders to hold their shares for longer periods of time, have been gaining traction in Europe, but for a number of reasons they remain uncommon in the United States.

Enforcing a Commercial US Arbitration Award in India

Jodi Benassi

The prevailing cross-border system for dispute resolution —international arbitration— is often more predictable and less expensive than litigation. Enforcing a foreign award can, however, be arduous, especially in jurisdictions like India.

Focus On

Going Global – International Joint Ventures and Affiliations

Hamid Yunis

Governments and their health care systems or operators are increasingly looking for improved, economically viable and more robust delivery of health care services. This has generated a real opportunity for entities that can provide these services to fulfil their needs.

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare: Framework Needed

Dale C. Van Demark

The potential benefits of artificial intelligence technology are felt nowhere more fully than in the health care sector. Its integration into health care, is, however, fraught with technical, policy and regulatory challenges.

Spotlight on China’s Hospital System

Hospitals in China differ greatly from those in the west with respect to their relationships with physicians and patients; but they also share some of the same legal challenges faced by western hospitals.

Accountable Care in the United Kingdom: Learning From International Experience

Sharon Lamb

Many countries are turning to value based payment and accountable care models. Moving to a new model of care is not straightforward; having a clear plan that takes into account valuable lessons learned elsewhere will be vital.