For any company operating on a global scale, working in China is a must. As China continues to evolve as a major player on the world stage in nearly every area of economic, political and cultural life, the country’s business and regulatory climate continues to shift. To maximize opportunities while ensuring compliance with complex regulatory requirements, companies must utilize legal counsel skilled at advising on matters critical to business success. McDermott can help.




Corporate & Transactional (including health and life sciences)

  • A global agricultural company in its acquisition of assets of a local food company, as part of its global acquisition of the dehydrated and vegetable products business and operating assets of a US packaged foods company
  • A global producer of organic peroxides and persulfates in its global acquisition of the Chinese subsidiaries of a leading manufacturer of custom-tailored ketone peroxides
  • A Chinese orthopedics equipment manufacturer in its majority stake sale to a venture capital fund. Advised on licenses and permits, design of transaction and restructuring framework, national security, SAFE compliance and FCPA due diligence

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