State Law Privacy Video Series - McDermott Will & Emery


California, Virginia, Colorado, Utah and Connecticut have new privacy laws coming into effect in 2023. However, now is the time to start preparing your business or organization for compliance.

In this video series, we examine the different aspects of these laws and provide you the knowledge and tools you need for proper compliance.

In Depth

State Law Applicability: Find out which privacy laws are applicable to your business

Employee Exemptions: Learn more about the notable exemptions under California’s law as it relates to employee data and how employee data is handled under Virginia and Colorado’s privacy laws.

Healthcare Entities and Health Data: Discover how these laws will impact health data and healthcare entities – in particular, those entities that are regulated by HIPAA.

Privacy and Sensitive Information: Each state takes a slightly different approach when it comes to handling “sensitive” data.

Opt-Out Rights: Review the new opt-out rights offered to consumers under each state law, as well as the key implementation requirements businesses should be aware of.

Ad-Tech: Learn more about the consumer opt-out rights regarding the use of data for targeted advertising.

Appeals Rights: Review the different requirements that organizations should be aware of when it comes to the consumers’ appeals rights.

Data Protection Assessment: Find out what businesses need to know about DPAs and what it should include.

Contracting: Learn how the new privacy laws will expand both the terms that have to be included in contracts as well as the circumstances in which these contracts are required.

Data of Minors: Learn how the various state laws approach the privacy rights of minors.

Loyalty Programs: Dig into each of the requirements when it comes to loyalty programs and how businesses can ensure compliance.

Enforcement: Find out what businesses need to know when it comes to enforcement under each of the state privacy laws.