Employer Vaccine Mandates and Exemptions


Employers are amending their vaccine policies in the wake of US Supreme Court opinions. Michelle Strowhiro, Sandra DiVarco and Abigail Kagan discuss the three vaccine rules at play – OSHA Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS), Federal Contractor Vaccine Mandate and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) – and cover some of the top questions and updates regarding these mandates.

Questions Quick Access

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:39 – Three Vaccine Rules

1:09 – What is the status of each of these vaccine rules?

1:58 – What should employers do now about their policies?

2:45 – What is the status of the CMS rule and who does it apply to?

3:38 – How can facilities check to see how they are enrolled with CMS?

4:25 – What is a facility required to do once they confirm they are covered by the CMS rule?

7:56 – What is the exemption process under the CMS rule for those who cannot get vaccinated?

9:30 – Are exempt unvaccinated individuals required to test in lieu of vaccination?

11:35 – What if a state law conflicts with the CMS rule?