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Pay Equity, #MeToo and Diversity Issues


In today’s workplace culture, proactively addressing diversity, gender and pay equity issues has become increasingly important. As key stakeholders take aim at corporate boards perceived as aloof or unresponsive, it is critical to develop a plan for staying ahead of the curve and protecting your organization’s people and reputation.

As forward-thinking advisors, we identify trends in your industry and work swiftly to help you successfully navigate challenges, aligning our counsel with your business objectives. Our approach goes beyond analysis to provide you with comprehensive solutions for protecting your organization’s market position, supporting employee retention metrics and avoiding scrutiny.

  • Confidential Pay Studies. To help you identify and address pay discrepancies based on gender, race and ethnicity or other factors before challenges arise, we conduct confidential studies evaluating legal risks, whether in the context of shareholder requests or litigation. We assess disparities, review policies to identify root causes and develop and implement an action plan based on our findings. Every step of the way, our team provides diverse perspectives and robust knowledge of sector-specific pay data, compensation structures, pay equity laws and board fiduciary responsibilities.

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