McDermott Incident Response Team | Data Breach Management

Data Breach Management


McDermott has guided clients through assessments of and responses to hundreds of data breaches, including some of the largest cyber incidents to date as well as more limited exposures of confidential or proprietary information. We have experience in all types of cyber hazards, including state-sponsored attacks, overseas criminal hackers, ransomware, insider threats and system compromises resulting from misconfigurations.

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  • Handled a series of large data breaches involving personnel records of employees in the United States and around the world and advised our client on its obligations under the laws of every US state and more than 50 countries; managed communications with the affected employees and various government regulators; and persuaded regulators to forego any claim against our client
  • Handled the response to a series of incidents involving the compromise of patient information at a leading California hospital, including overseeing the forensic investigation into the incidents, advising on the applicable legal obligations (e.g., under HIPAA and state laws), preparing a notification and communication program, and recommending appropriate mitigation measures
  • Advised more than a dozen health care providers on responses to ransomware incidents, including preservation of privilege, coordination with law enforcement, retention of a forensics provider, communications with affected patients and regulators, and remediation and recovery from the incident

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