International News: Focus on Intellectual Property



In This Issue
International Practice Head David Ryder addresses current issues affecting businesses.

An International Approach to International Dispute Resolution
By John Reynolds

As the global nature of commerce increases, the means to resolve the disputes that inevitably arise must change.

New Rules Address Due Diligence Required for Export Transactions
By David J. Levine

U.S. exporters must exercise due diligence.

Changing Directors’ Liabilities Under the New Italian Company Law
By Oreste Marchini

The new Italian Company Law has been introduced in response to recent financial scandals. It makes company directors more responsible in performing their assigned duties.

Akzo/Akcros Update

Private Equity Opportunities in Italy
By Andrea De Pieri and Olimpio Stucchi

The structure and climate of the Italian economy are providing valuable new opportunities for private equity investors.

Public-Private Partnership Programs in Brazil—Will They Trigger a New Wave of Investments?
By René Gelman and Adriano Chaves with contributions by Stuart Berkson

PPP programs have become a top priority for the federal government and a new law establishing rules of implementation was passed at the end of last year.

Employers—Use Your Plan Deficit to Your Advantage
By Steven Hull

An employer that does not seek to negotiate with its pension plan trustees and its employees is wasting a huge opportunity.

Spain Reforms Its Insolvency Legislation
By Xavier Ruiz

The new legislation came into force in September 2004 and constitutes a sweeping change of the previous


Employees’ Invention Rights in Europe and the U.S.
By Dr. Boris Uphoff, Rohan Massey, Clare Sellars, Margherita Barié, Cathryn Campbell and Kathrin Tauber

When employees produce inventions, questions arise regarding ownership of rights. The legal situation varies from country to country and your business may be exposing itself to risk.

Trademarks Go Global
By Dr. Thomas Hauss and Dr. Jonas Ewert

Over the last 18 months, three major events have changed the legal environment for trademark owners. What is significant about these events and how can they benefit trademark owners?

Patent Infringement as an Unfair Trade Practice: Section 337 Proceedings before the U.S. International Trade Commission
By Shamita D. Etienne and Jack Q. Lever

There is clear evidence that some companies importing goods into the United States are utilizing unfair trade practices. What can a patent holder do?

Shielding IP License Agreements from the Sword of European Antitrust Litigation
By Duncan Curley

Challenges to your IP license agreement may result in the agreement being rendered void and unenforceable and there may also be a financial penalty.

Tax and IP in the UK—Maximizing Use of IP Rights to Obtain Fiscal Advantages
By Laurence Cohen

For the first time, the UK has become an attractive place from which to exploit IP Rights.

VoIP: How to Regulate a Transformative Communications Technology
By Dr. Andreas Boos, Shirley S. Fujimoto, David D. Rines and Dr. Ralf Weisser

The telecoms sector is being transformed by a new technology—Voice over Internet Protocol which supplies low-cost voice communications.