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International News: Private Equity



Challenges and Opportunities in Medtech, Innovation, and Digital Health

Stephen W. Bernstein | Sharon Lamb

A recent McDermott round table on European health private equity generated key insights into the future of medtech, digital health, and data analytics, and identified opportunities for companies and investors. Read More.

Chinese Outbound Investments: The Seller’s Perspective

Generally, an outbound investment by a Chinese enterprise must be approved by the competent national authorities or their local bodies before it can be closed. Read More.

CFIUS Reviews Expanded to Certain Non-Controlling and Real Estate Investments

David J. Levine | Raymond Paretzky

The US Treasury Department has issued proposed regulations that would “comprehensively” implement FIRRMA, to broaden the jurisdiction of CFIUS. Read More.

The Rise of Digital Services Taxes

James Ross | Andrea Tempestini | Antoine Vergnat | Alessio Persiani | Romain Desmonts | Sarah Gabbai

Governments are starting to catch up with online businesses. Multinational businesses providing online advertising services, selling consumer data, or running online intermediary platforms, should prepare for the imminent arrival of digital services taxes (DSTs) on revenues from digital activities. Read More.

Stop! The CMA has Jurisdiction to Review your Transaction

Joel R. Grosberg | Max Küttner

The UK Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) is actively and aggressively investigating mergers and acquisitions pre- and post-closing, including transactions that do not appear to have a significant UK connection. Read More.

Revised Rules Push the Milan Chamber of Arbitration on to the International Stage

Lisa M. Richman | Stefano Mechelli | Massimiliano Moruzzi

On 1 March 2019, the Milan Chamber of Arbitration (CAM), the leading Italian arbitration institution, issued its revised Arbitration rules. These are intended to provide for a more efficient administration of arbitral proceedings. Read More.

Insights on China’s RoHS Regulations

| James Jiang | Joyce Xie

All electrical and electronic products that are produced, sold or imported in mainland China must comply with the Administrative Measures on the Restricted Use of Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Products (China RoHS 2.0). Read More.