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International News: Private Client & Wealth Management


“They did WHAT?!?” Trustee Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Jennifer Ronz

Complex trust structures are usually administered by experienced andconscientious professionals at the topof their game. But mistakes can happen, and fixing them can be hard, timeconsuming and expensive. Read More.

Alternative Dispute Resolution Methods to Resolve Trust Disputes

Nicholas Holland | Lynsey McIntyre

The lack of privacy in court proceedings, and the fact that they will always carry a degree of uncertainty, is prompting high net worth individuals to seek alternative ways of resolving disputes over high value trusts. Read More.

Cryptocurrency – Current Investment, Future Inheritance?

The growth in popularity of cryptocurrencies gives rise to real world questions, not least of which, can digital assets be inherited? Read More.

Resealing Foreign Grants

A resealed grant enables the personal representatives of the deceased to administer an overseas estate in England and Wales, giving the original grant force and effect similar to what it would benefit from had it originally been issued in England. Read More.

Supreme Court Finds “Wholly Groundless” Exception Not Grounded in Federal Arbitration Act

Lisa M. Richman | Daniel R. Campbell

Arbitration as a method of dispute resolution is only as effective as the contractual provisions made to trigger it. Recent US case law has shed light on who gets to determine “threshold arbitrability”, and whether or not the arbitration is “wholly groundless”. Read More.

China’s Pharmaceutical Marketing Authorisation Holder Mechanism

| James Jiang, Joyce Xie

China’s Pharmaceutical Marketing Authorisation Holder pilot programme has now been extended until November 2019, providing further opportunities for businesses to enter the rapidly expanding Chinese pharmaceutical market. Read More.

Foreign Investments in US Biotech Now Covered by CFIUS

David J. Levine | Raymond Paretzky

The expansion of CFIUS’s jurisdiction to cover the biotechnology sector presents an additional regulatory hurdle for foreign investors that requires careful advance planning. Read More.

Beyond CFIUS: Foreign Investment Reviews Outside the United States

David J. Levine | Raymond Paretzky

The United States isn’t the only country bolstering its protections against foreign investment that may compromise national security. Read More.