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International News: Employment


Responses To Gender Pay Inequity: A Quick World Tour

Rachel B. Cowen | Marjorie C. Soto Garcia

Most major jurisdictions have pay equity laws, but their approach is far from uniform. Global companies need to evaluate compliance with these laws on a country-by-country basis whilst simultaneously addressing their compensation policies globally.

Global Employment Contracts: The Modern Tower of Babel

Yesenia M. Gallegos

Although multi-jurisdictional compliance is a challenge in relation to every aspect of employment law, the structure of employment contracts and the enforcement of global policies require particularly careful consideration

UK Tax Changes Shift Worker Classification Burden to Clients

Paul McGrath | James Ross

The UK Government has confirmed that it will extend to the private sector tax rules designed to target tax avoidance by contractors who operate through an intermediary personal service company (PSC).

The Global Repercussions of Local Employment Risks

Michael J. Sheehan

The global village is small, but social media is large; what a business does in country X will have repercussions in country Y

Plying the Science: Collaborating to Fight Cancer With Proton Beam Therapy

Hamid Yunis | David Gibson

For the first time ever, a patient has been treated with high energy proton beam therapy (PBT) by the United Kingdom’s National Health Service (NHS). Lawyers now working together at McDermott advised the counterparty providers and equipment supplier in what is the highest value, and most complex, medical equipment project ever undertaken in the United Kingdom.

EU Competition Law and Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and big data are playing an increasingly important role in the economy. Competition law will have to evolve if it is to reconcile the positive and negative effects that the use of these new instruments may have on markets.

Foreign Investment Control in France: Strategic Sectors Expansion and Sanctions Reinforcement

Nicolas Lafont

Like other EU Member States and the European Union itself, France has recently strengthened its national foreign direct investments control regime.

Three Major Considerations for US Sweepstakes and Contests

Eleanor B. Atkins

In the United States, prize-driven promotions have proven to be powerful marketing tools, attracting consumer interest, enhancing brand loyalty, and generating sales, but they should be handled with caution