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ERISA Litigation


Boards, executives, HR departments and individual plan fiduciaries face enhanced scrutiny with respect to plans under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA), as plaintiffs’ firms launch new and more sophisticated attacks. As an employer, you must be prepared to address claims appropriately by communicating effectively with your employees, navigating the nuances of insurance coverage and developing a robust risk-mitigation plan.

This is handled most effectively after thoroughly considering your business objectives, organizational culture and the needs of your workforce—all while maintaining compliance with the complex mandates of ERISA. That’s where we come in.

Our purpose-built ERISA team combines the skill sets of dedicated ERISA litigators, leading trusted advisors in employee benefits law and experienced trial lawyers to bring you a holistic approach to addressing threats against your employer sponsored benefit plans, designed to manage your risk profiles and provide vigorous litigation defense when necessary.

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  • A Chicago-based Fortune 100 company in the food industry in the successful avoidance of millions of dollars in pension liability by challenging a PBGC determination supporting one of its competitors (Sara Lee)
  • A multinational chemical company with the successful reversal of an adverse benefit judgment saving millions of dollars in pension plan liabilities (Evonik)

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