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The ICC Expedited Arbitration Procedures: Checking the "Fine Print"

Lisa M. Richman | Stefano Mechelli

Not unlike the fine print of a consumer contract, next to clearly appealing provisions (such as the reduced arbitrator’s fees), the latest version of the ICC rules contain material deviations from the standard ICC procedure, which require careful consideration.

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Digital Health Innovation in the United States and United Kingdom: The Promise and Challenge of Government Reimbursement Policies

Sharon Lamb | Dale C. Van Demark

Digital health has excited health care innovators for many years, but understanding how these tools can fit within existing health care financial structures is critical for success.

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China's New Data-Driven "Social Credit" Record System: Effects and Preparations for Multinationals

The overall impact of Social Credit in China will be enormous, and could have real implications for both Chinese and foreign companies operating in China.

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The New German Transparency Register

Dr. Philipp Grenzebach

The German transparency register established under the German money laundering act now applies to many international clients.

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Making the Blockchain Work in a Data Protected World

Romain Perray | Jacob A. Kuipers

It is unfortunate that the GDDPR presents challenges that make using the blockchain for data protection inherently difficult. But there are potential solutions.

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The General Data Protection Regulation: Key Requirements and Compliance Steps for 2018

Mark E. Schreiber

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the biggest story of 2018 in the field of global privacy and cybersecurity. McDermott has covered both the requirements and immediate impact of the GDPR before, but its key points bear repeating.

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Tracking the Emerging Global Regulation of Cybersecurity & Privacy in Autonomous Vehicles

Michael G. Morgan | Romain Perray | Amy C. Pimentel

The world of autonomous and connected vehicles is still very much evolving, but it is vital to understand the regulatory framework as it stands now in order to anticipate the most likely outcome of this revolution.

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German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority Provides Guidance on Regulation of ICOs

Dr. Oliver Lieth | Dr. Sebastian Keding

Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) have played an increasingly significant role in discussions concerning blockchain-related projects. Regulators have recently begun to crack down on ICOs, and now the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) has joined in.

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